Opening of the 2023 ITPF World Cup in South Africa

The highly-anticipated fourth edition of the ITPF World Cup Event kicked off in George, South Africa, with elite teams from across the globe competing. Organized by the International Tent Pegging Federation, the event features nine participating teams, comprising a total of 36 riders from different countries including: the Sultanate of Oman, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Yemen, the Republic of South Africa, the Arab Republic of Egypt, India, Pakistan, and Norway. The competition on the first day featured the Lance competitions including individual, Pairs and teams’ Lance competitions, over 7 runs using 6 cm and 4 cm pegs.
In the team standings, the Jordanian team clinched the top spot, followed by Saudi Arabia in second place, and Egypt in third place. In the individual category, Saudi rider Abdulwahab Yahya Asiri secured the gold medal, while Saudi rider Rashed Hamad Al-Marri claimed silver, and the bronze medal went to Pakistani rider Nasir Abbas.
The opening ceremony was a grand affair. It was graced by the presence of Mohammed bin Issa Al-Fairuz, President of the International Tent Pegging Federation, Haitham bin Mohammed Jawad Al-Lawati, Secretary-General of the ITPF, and Jaap, President of the South African Tent Pegging Association and a member of the People’s Council. The event commenced with a thrilling skydiving performance, followed by the entrance of participating teams, each proudly carrying their national flags. Classic cars added to the spectacle, leading the way for the carriage transporting the heads of the International Tent Pegging Federation and South African National Federation.
During the opening ceremony, Mohammed bin Issa Al-Fairuz President of the ITPF delivered a warm welcome to all the qualified countries to the fourth edition of the ITPF World Cup, expressing gratitude to South Africa and its Tent Pegging Association for hosting the event. He thanked the organizers and sponsors, expressing his gratitude for their confidence in the ITPF, and extending his best wishes for success to all participants. Jaap, President of the South African Tent Pegging Association, emphasized the historic significance of hosting the event for the first time, showcasing the world’s top nations in Tent Pegging. He thanked the International Tent Pegging Federation for their trust in South Africa and acknowledged the support of sponsoring companies, wishing all guests an enjoyable and purposeful stay.
The first day’s competitions were marked by fierce rivalries, as teams and riders vied for top honors. Close results in both individual and team events underscored the high level of competition. A tiebreaker was held to determine the final positions of the top three riders. The day culminated in the crowning of champions, with Nidri Mari, former President of the South African Association, presenting individual awards, and Sultan Mohammed Ali, President of the Pakistani Equestrian Federation, presenting team awards.

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