The second day of the ITPF World Cup in the city of George, South Africa.

On the second day of the ITPF World Cup, the Saudi national team continued to shine and secured the first-place position among the teams. Meanwhile, Safwan Al Mamari from the Oman national team clinched the individual gold medal.
The fourth edition of the ITPF World Cup, hosted in the city of George, South Africa, bore witness to fierce competition. The teams’ rigorous and early preparations led to intense rivalry, resulting in tiebreaking runs to determine the individual champions on the first and second days.
Nine countries from around the world are competing for the world title: South Africa, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, Pakistan, India, and Norway. On the second day, the competition featured individual, Pairs, and team Sword competitions, with seven runs using 6 cm and 4 cm pegs.
The event was graced by the presence of Mohammed bin Isa Al-Fayrouz, President of the International Tent Pegging Federation, and Haitham bin Mohammed Jawad Al-Lawati, the Secretary-General of the Federation. Officials from South Africa and member countries of the Federation, accompanied by a passionate crowd of Tent Pegging enthusiasts from South Africa, also attended.
Following the second-day competitions, Safwan Al Mamari from the Oman team secured the first place in the individual category and proudly received the gold medal. A tiebreaking run was held to determine the second and third positions, with two competitors from the Saudi team, Hassan Asiri and Abdulwahab Asiri, and the third competitor, Wajahat Ullah, from the Pakistani team.
Hassan Asiri from the Saudi team emerged triumphant in second place, clinching the silver medal, while Wajahat Ullah from the Pakistani team secured third place and earned the bronze medal.
On the team front, the Saudi national team continued their stellar performance, securing first place for the second day competitions, and claiming the gold medal. The Pakistani national team took the second spot, earning the silver medal, while the Indian national team achieved third place and was awarded the bronze medal.

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