Technical Meeting of Participating Teams and Testing of Horses for the Tournament

Today, on Wednesday, the draws for the teams and the horses, along with their testing, took place as part of the competition in its fourth edition of the ITPF World Cup. This prestigious event is organized by the International Tent pegging Federation and is being hosted by the Republic of South Africa. The participating teams hail from various countries, including the Sultanate of Oman, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Yemen, the Republic of South Africa, the Arab Republic of Egypt, India, Pakistan, and Norway.

The technical meeting:
The technical meeting was held at the residence of the participating teams in the city of George, with the presence of Mohammed bin Issa Al-Fayrouz, the President of the International Tent pegging Federation, and Haitham bin Mohammed Jawad Al-Lawati, the Secretary-General of the International Federation, along with representatives from the organizing committee, the Technical Delegate, the Chairperson of the Ground Jury, the Chairperson of the Appeals Committee, and Chairperson of the Veterinary Committee. In addition, the heads of the delegations of the participating teams and the team coaches also attended.
During the meeting, Gerald Minaar, the Tournament Manager, outlined the Event’s requirements, He discussed the provision of 56 horses for the competition, and the mechanism for drawing the teams and horses. He also discussed the allocation of horses in the stables designated in the championship field.
Following that, Dr. Saad Al-Hilali, the Chairperson of the Veterinary Committee, emphasized the committee’s thorough examination of all horses to ensure their health and readiness for participation, with a strong emphasis on not overexerting the
Then, Mufateh Al-Harasi, the Chairperson of the Ground Jury, and Abed Tareen, the Technical Delegate of the Event discussed the event’s rules and regulations, emphasizing the importance of the riders’ safety and horses’ welfare.

The draw for the participating teams:
Following that, the draw for the participation of the teams in the ITPF World Cup 2023 in South Africa was conducted. Saudi Arabia secured the first spot for team participation, followed by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, then South Africa. Oman’s team came next, followed by Yemen, Norway, India, Egypt, and Pakistan.
Subsequently, the delegations of the participating teams headed to the Event’s field for the draw to distribute the horses among the teams.

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