The ITPF sign Official Mutual Recognition with FEI

Mohammed bin Issa Al-Fairouz, President of the International Tent Pegging Federation, confirmed that the federation worked during the last period to establish regional and international agreements in order to promote the sport of Tent Pegging , as we signed an agreement with the federation .The FEI was supposed to sign the agreement in Switzerland at the headquarters of the FEI or in the Sultanate at the headquarters of the International Tent Pegging Federation , but because of the Corona pandemic, we signed the agreement by default “through visual communication” and then we will sign it in attendance. During the coming period, which is a very important agreement, by virtue of the fact that there are many countries in different continents of the world that have a belief that we work independently of FEI , but the signing of this agreement clarifies and confirms to all that the federations work together in agreement and with a great partnership, and this important signature will accelerate Many countries to join the ITPF during the coming period, and also within the agreement that the ITPF will promote the FEI through the tournaments that we hold and this will confirm the work side by side .

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